Load Break Switches (Isolator)


Load Break Switches 'Isolators' provide the means to safely disconnect an electrical load from the supply. 

It is primarily designed to provide a means of local isolation when an electrical item may need

maintenance or repair, an Isolator has to comply with the following minimum requirements:-

  • Provide an effective clearance between the supply and the load appropriate to the voltage applied.
  • Provide a means of locking in the 'Off' position. (Padlocking)
  • Provide a true indication of the contact state.
  • Provide a safe disconnection from the supply even under fault conditions.

All of ISOTECH  Isolators meet, and often exceed, the above requirements making each, the product of choice in today's market.


The "KT" range provides the user with the widest choice ever from ISOTECH. Enclosed products with protection to IP20, IP54 or IP66 are available in ratings 16A - 200A.

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